#FLASHLIGHT Vocal Host: 7X Grammy Nominee, Khadia Handon

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Introducing our #FLASHLIGHT Vocal Host for Sept. 14th 7 Time Grammy Award Nominee Singer/Songwriter KHADIA HANDON

This Tuesday at #FLASHLIGHT our Vocal Host is 7 Time Grammy Award Nominee Singer/Songwriter KHADIA HANDON a DC native. I first met Kadia a few weeks back while attending The Budweiser Fest. I was there to see my old time friend Anthony Hamilton perform and while waiting backstage and mingling with the other Musicians playing that night, Khadia introduced herself to me and let me know that she had just recently moved here from DC and that she attended one of my Honey Collective events at The JW Marriott and had a wonderful time. Khadia and i struck up a conversation and she shared with me that she was a singer/songwriter and she was so excited about her move to LA and she’d like to stay in my network. I instantly liked Khadia! She had such a lovely Spirit and I knew there was something special about her! I informed her that I also had a live Music event that had just been executed called #FLASHLIGHT and invited her to attend as I felt this would be a great place for her to meet other creative people in an environment filled with great Music and a fun unique concept that you really had to be there to fully understand.

2 weeks later, I saw Khadia at #FLASHLIGHT! : ) Funny thing is we stood outside of the #FLASHLIGHT venue Skinny’s after the show and talked…At the time, I didn’t put two and two together, as she looked very different from the first time I’d met her. You know Artist, always switchin it up. Lol! I knew there was something familiar about her but at the time I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was just enjoying a brief conversation with a cool person. It wasn’t until after I got home that it hit me. BAM! Ahhh Khadia from DC! Lol! Anywhoo…Khadia stayed in touch…I checked out her website www.officiallykhadia.com and saw that this young Lady is TRULY Talented!! I was impressed! In my line of work, I meet talented people on a regular but then you meet those people that have just a lil something more….you know when you’ve met “good people”. It was a no brainer to invite Khadia to the #FLASHLIGHT stage as our Vocal Host.

So. Here we are. KHADIA HANDON preparing to grace the #FLASHLIGHT stage this Tuesday Sept. 14th at Skinny’s Lounge in The Art Distrist. 4923 Lankershim Blvd. in NOHO. This is what #FLASHLIGHT is all about! So many talented people move here from all over the world…believing they have what it takes to make it. There are sooooo many talented people from all over that come to #FLASHLIGHT. My partners, Jae Deal, Gaelen Whittemore and myself feel so blessed to have been given this creative concept/platform named #FLASHLIGHT where these talented people can congregate, network, and show off their talent! In the 3 weeks of putting this show on, I’ve met so many new faces! #FLASHLIGHT has afforded me, so far, to know who the talent is in this town…be it Musicians, Singers, MC’s, Songwriters, Producers, Agents, Executives, etc…It really is a great place to be! You’d have to experience it to understand!

Readers…meet Ms. Khadia Handon…a young Woman with the gift of voice hailing from DC here in LA believing in herself and reaching for the Stars!! This is what dreams are made of! I love it!! Welcome Khadia! Looking forward to having you perform at #FLASHLIGHT!!!

For more info on Khadia, check out her website: www.officiallykhadia.com

Follow her on Twitter…www.twitter.com/simplykhadia

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