HONEY LIVE: Kristinia DeBarge, Chico DeBarge & GUY

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The Honey Collective Presents HONEY LIVE Sponsored by HENNESSY Artistry.

Performances by Kristinia DeBarge, Chico DeBarge & Surprise Guest Performance by Teddy Riley and GUY.

This was truly a great night! Complimentary Hennessy Cocktails greeted our guest upon arrival. Angels Piano Bar was packed with anticipation and good energy! Kristinia DeBarge is one of my clients…She and I spoke several times about her performing at Honey Live and we finally made it happen! It was perfect timing as her Uncle Chico was in town and with one phone call, he agreed to come and support his niece by performing a few songs..one being a DeBarge classic “I Like It”. The crowd sang along as Chico crooned.Chico only came to sing one song to support his Niece but the crowd wasn’t going to let him go that easily…the screamed for more and Chico sat back down at his Yamaha key board and grooved us with “Iggin’ Me”…It was so good to see and hear Chico sing! I can’t wait to hear his next body of work!!!  Kristinia’s Uncle El assured me he would’ve been present but he was on a Radio Promo tour for his up coming album “Second Chance”. Kristinia wowed the Honey Crowd! She is truly talented and sings with pure natural soul…it just pours out of her effortlessly…I ‘spose she got it honest! ; ) Her set ended with an original song she wrote herself called “I’m Not Afraid Of Ghost” The entire space was dead silent as Kristinia delivered this song. Afterwards she was embraced with a screaming audience and a standing ovation by Super Producer Teddy Riley! Keep yours eyes open for the next emerging DeBarge…Kristinia DeBarge…she definitely has a career ahead of her!

Shelley Oto, Teddy Riley, Monica Payne

Just days before, I was visiting my old friend Teddy Riley at his studio and telling him about Honey Live and our line up…out of nowhere, Teddy said that he and GUY would like to make a surprise appearance. WHAT??? I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing. GUY?? It had been years since GUY performed and I was honored that Teddy would give me the honor of having them at Honey Live. side note: I sang background on “I Like” and “You Can Call Me Crazy” Lol! Just a lil trivia. Anywhooo…I wasn’t sure if I could keep this secret to myself but knew I had better just in case something fell through at the last minute. Once I told the girls…Shelley and Eque, we were all beyond excited to execute an amazing show yet again. Teddy, Aaron and Damion walked in and Teddy immediately said to me…”So, you didn’t think we’d show??” HA! Deep in my heart, I knew they would…we are all good friends from the New Jack Swing Days and will forever be bound as Family…that’s another story. After Chico’s performance, no one knew GUY was going to perform…As I was thanking Kristinia and Chico…I acknowledged that there were some legends in the House…Too Short and Teddy Riley and GUY…I then went on to say so, Teddy, since you, Aaron and Damion are all here…I’m sayin’. Lol! Each of the members of GUY stood up and the crowd went crazy as Teddy Hooked up his vo-corder…next thing you know, The begin to sing “Piece of My Love” “Groove Me” and “Good Bye Love”…OVA! Done! The entire house sang along! Aaron sound better than ever! Needless to say…The night was magical and our guest were turned OUT and beyond satisfied! I was so proud of my baby girl Kristinia…she held her own on that stage! It was an intimate night at Angels Piano Bar in Santa Monica with a stage full of STARS and a space filled with amazing energy!

Photos by Wendy Le Photography www.societyimage.com

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