Bring back that good ol SOUL MUSIC!!!!!

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I really enjoyed The Soul Train Awards this year! It was so refreshing to see and hear some real Singers singing!!! I’ve personally been very bored and disenchanted with music for a while…compressed vocals…pop overload…no real emotion…nothing to bite my teeth into. I’m hoping that as we enter 2011 we will see a new emergence of Soul Music. I really miss R&B! That good ol music with the heavy bass and drums filled with beautiful melodies and lush backgrounds…music that took me away. Ya’ll know what I’m talkin about…you know the kinda joints that made you say…Ooooooh That’s my SOOOONG!!! I’m so ready to fall in love again!!

The young Artist of today are beginning to sound so much a like…no real stars just a bunch of bells and whistles. Stand there…sing me a song…take me away. Remember when Whitney was at the top of her game….Whitney could just stand there and tell you a story, make you hang on to every note…maaaan! Marvin Gaye, “Since we got to be here, Let’s Live” Hmph!…Marvin could croon the most sophisticated Lady out of her panties. Lol! That man was cool and smooth! Diana Ross…sexy, ultra fem, class & elegance. Maan! Let’s bring it up to the 90’s… Jodeci…Lord, Jodeci had that good stuff that made you press play and ride…K-Ci dominated the stage while JoJo serenaded us with those beautiful melodies. SWV…Come on now…I’m So Into Yoooooou and I don’t know what I’m gonna doooo. I’m just saying…I really miss the individuality of groups and Artist. More artist had their own identity. Today it seems as if it’s all about getting on the charts with singles and recording with the few hot producers that are out. you know?? No real originality…the music sounds the same. Everybody lookin for that Rihanna track No real “albums”…Why the heck did Usher fall back and do what Chris Brown is doing?? #Fail. The Soul Train Awards really feed my soul! I hope it sparked a flame and younger Artist will begin to show their real talent and sing us some songs that we can croon to! Fall in love to! I really hope Labels will begin to promote real Artist again!! I’m just sayin’…ENOUGH! Where are the Marvin Gaye’s of the world…Anita Baker’s, Stevie Wonder’s, Shalamar’s, Jodeci’s, Guy, Whitney’s, SWV’s, Lauryn Hill’s?? Where are the STARS???? Where the heck is the good music??

I got a feeling it’s ’bout to turn’ a corner…

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  • Naturally_Psyched

    I'm only 25, but I feel the exact same way! I loved the tribute to Anita, and Ron Isley is from my hometown, so I've missed hearing that kind of music.

  • cake

    Individuality and authenticity are both missing from the music scene. A true artist can write their own songs and create their own melodies. Instead of getting home cooked meals we are getting pre-packaged tv dinners, commercialized, mundane, uncreative, uninspiring "artists".